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Get to know Laws of Karma, the good acts and bad, evil acts and how it affects you.

Laws of Karma, How Good acts and Bad/Evil acts affects Humans


I see lot of people around the world have the same concern, Why am I subjected to suffering, pain, problems??? The same problems are those the ones that I even saw in Yahoo answers forum, I could only see the same questions asked in one or the other manner, but when I generalize all of them the subject turns out to be "How is Karma acting on me like this?, What Have I done?? Good acts, Bad/Evil acts/ Work Bondage". I am really tired of answering to anyone and everyone whether ever I practically go through... 

Its because of "Aahara, Nidra, Bhaya, Mithunamcha", that makes every one suffer and get into bondage. 

Without wasting much of the time, lets just get into How Laws of Karma/Work/Action. How Good acts and Bad acts affects one.....

Among the vast ancient Sanskrit writings known as the Vedas, the 108 Upaniṣads contain the philosophical essence. And among all the Upaniṣads, the Īśopaniṣad is considered the foremost. In the following essay, based on the Īśopaniṣad , we learn the truth about the Supreme Lord, the laws governing His material and spiritual energies, and how to break free of the bondage of karma.


Unique relationship with Krishna

Each one of us is unique

Each one of us has a unique relationship with Krishna. Krishna has the ability to enjoy unlimited varieties of happiness and relationship.

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